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How to Become a Community Contributor


Joining Sacramento Press as a Community Contributor is an exciting way to go behind-to-scenes of the city or at the forefront of our readers. Similar to blog writers or volunteers in the community, contributors contribute articles that reflect their passion. SacPress gives members of our community the chance to be heard, to be a part of the conversation of the city, and to see niche stories published that other publications may otherwise overlook.


So How Does It Work?


Upon approval of joining SacPress as a Community Contributor, contributors will acquire their own login and have the ability to submit articles for review. Before submitting a story, they will contact our editors for approval. Press passes, if needed, will be made available to contributors. Prior to publication, all stories will be reviewed and edited, if needed, to ensure it meets SacPress’ editorial standards.


What are the qualifications for being a Community Contributor?


Be able to write journalistically. While all articles are edited prior to publication, our editors need something good to work with. It is expected of our contributors to know the basic rules of journalistic writing. But don’t be intimidated. Our editors are helpful, accessible, and excited to work with our contributors.

Know what things we aren’t looking for: Self-promotion or first-person writing (with exceptions, including opinion pieces). That’s not to say we don’t welcome local Bloggers or a blog-esque style perspective–as long as stories are journalistically written and stay focused on Sacramento topics or topics that have the interest of our readers in mind.

Be professional. As a Community Contributor you may at times talk to members of your story’s topic. It is important to remember that you represent Sacramento Press and, as such, you should conduct yourself with professionalism. And your articles should editorially reflect the same.


Sounds fun! How do I join?


If you’re a resident of the Sacramento area and interested in joining SacPress, let us know by emailing us at writeforus@sacramentopress.com. In the email, introduce yourself and tell us what you’d like to write about. Be sure to indicate that your are interested in being a Community Contributor and let us know if your interest is in submitting a singular article or multiple and/or regular articles. If interested in submitting multiple/regular articles, a resume and writing samples are not required, but please tell us about your writing skills and experience, if any.

If approved to write for us, we will send you an email with login credentials and writing guidelines for the site.


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