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Farm to Fork

Farm-to-Fork Month on a Budget

Is money tight this month? Want to indulge your taste buds in seasonal fruits and veggies but want to save every cent?

Farm to Fork month has plenty to offer besides charity dinners and dining out. Take advantage of the free festivals, fresh produce and easy opportunities to get your hands on the best food in Sacramento.

Farmer’s Markets

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The best farmer’s market in the country is only twenty minutes away from Sacramento. Check out the produce at the Davis Farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings. With over BLANK vendors and plenty of meal options to choose from the Davis market is a great choice for families and young adults alike. Saturday’s don’t work? Don’t worry, Picnic in the Park, a miniature Farmer’s Market with an emphasis on community camaraderie, is every Wednesday from 4:30-8:30. Be sure to bring cash and a blanket and check out live music and local restaurants serving up portable versions of their meals. Produce vendors will still be selling but there will be less options than on Saturday mornings.

Quick Tip: Be sure to check out student favorites Apple Juice and Fat Face popsicles, only available in Davis.

Too busy on the weekends to grab fresh produce? Accidentally slept in? Don’t worry, there are plenty of weekday options for Farmers markets in Sacramento. Write out your menu beforehand and check out these locations to scout ingredients for your own farm to fork dinner.


Fremont Park Farmer’s Market (ends September 29th)

10- 1:30PM

Roosevelt Park Farmer’s Market (ends September 29th)



Cesar Chavez Plaza Farmer’s Market (ends October 28th)



Capitol Mall Farmer’s Market (ends September 24th)


Florin Farmer’s Market (year round)


UC Davis Health Systems Farmers Market


Sacramento is booming with Farmer’s Markets both seasonal and year round. Check out a full list of weekday and weekend markets here.

Quick Tip: Don’t worry about sleeping in….sometimes produce is marked down in price towards the end of  the day. But try to get their early to get the best of the bunch.

Free Farm to Fork Events

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