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Auto Museum Presents Car Trek to Honor 50th “Auto-versary” of Star Trek

Hey trekkies, this one’s for you!

Beam down to the California Automobile Museum on Saturday, September 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. as they welcome all lifeforms to Car Trek, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. The Museum will be transformed into a Starship of sorts complete with a BORG station, Starfleet officers, Kingon warriors and even a Fleet Bar.

On this special one-day “auto-versary” event, Museum visitors are encouraged to get in the spirit and dress in their favorite character costumes. Visitors will enjoy a family-fun mission adventure featuring some of the cars that have appeared in past episodes and movies. Some examples of the special vehicles on display include the following:

  • 1953 Bel Air which hit Deep Space 9 Captain Benjamin Sisko in a vision he was having
  • 1969 Chevy Camaro, Voyager Lieutenant Tom Paris spent time working on this amazing car in a holoprogram called “Grease Monkey” which allowed Tom to tinker with 20th century cars
  • Volkswagen Beetle was recreated on planet Ekos from the original series.

Museum visitors will have the chance to participate in a number of special activities that include joining Klingons for a Great Tribble-Hunt or an intergallactic trivia test to find out if they are an Ensign, Captain, Commander or a lowly Red Shirt. Guests can also peek inside a special space vehicle titled the Star Streak, take a picture with Jupiter 7, watch episodes of the 1970s animated Star Trek series, and play Star Trek Jeopardy with members of Sacramento’s Starfleet Chapter, U.S.S. Independence.

Got a Captain Kirk suit in your closet? Visitors in Star Trek character costumes will receive a $1 off Museum admission.

For more information about Car Trek or the California Automobile Museum in general, please call 916-442-6802 or visit calautomuseum.org.

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Traci Rockefeller Cusack

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