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Sacramento Get Together: Friday Nights at The Barn

San Francisco-based Off the Grid is teaming up with Capital Public Radio to host Friday Nights at The Barn. The culinary-based event will feature curated live music along West Sacramento’s Bridge District, and of course, a variety of local food trucks and cocktails provided by Rye on the Road, every Friday evening, between 5 and 10 pm, until the end of October.

Off the Grid is a culinary experience that started in San Francisco in 2010. After a successful impact in the Bay Area, the company and its affiliates grew to include Sacramento.

The overall idea is to connect the community by putting together events where guests feel open to dance and enjoy a laid back atmosphere, while also discovering new food vendors. It is a way to engage the neighborhood in a friendly and cooperative manner. At the same time, it would give food companies the opportunity to get their name out to the public.

Sacramento boasts an extensive selection of different cuisines, and the organizers certainly did not hold back for this event. With an impressive lineup of vendors, from Chando’s Tacos to King Kabob and Frenchy’s Waffles, it would seem Friday Nights at The Barn is going to be around for as long as possible. In keeping the event fresh and exciting, the vendors vary each Friday, so whether you are looking for dinner, dessert, American or Peruvian food, you will find it all and more.

Capital Public Radio also promises a variety of music, from bluegrass to pop and rock, so no matter what you are in to, Friday Nights at The Barn holds something enjoyable for everyone.

The final event will take place October 28.

For more information on Friday Nights at The Barn, visit OffTheGrid.com

Featured image courtesy of Off the Grid.

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