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#HOFDAY: Get Ready for the Celebration

Trust may be the ultimate theme for Sacramento’s Hall of Fame (HOF) and their infamous #HOFDAY. The music and entertainment company, known for its many talents, has grown from a group of friends hoping to throw the best parties in Sacramento to a legitimate music and arts festival coming to the West Sacramento Waterfront on September 24.

While TBD Fest is on hiatus, #HOFDAY is stepping up to be the premier end-of-summer event by bringing world-famous producer Metro Boomin’ and friends to headline the music festival. Local favorites, Chuuwee, DLRN, C Plus and Soosh*e! will join more than 30 Sacramento-based artists, including Lexy Panterra and the #EatBetter portion of HOF.

By trusting in one another, Tony Christ, Byron Hughes, Damian Lynch, Robbie Metcalf, Marcus Parker and Rose Rasmussen have built a long-lasting business machine with HOF. In collective efforts with 40 Oz., ENT Legends and YTTSWO the group of creatives at HOF are filling a void for the youth in Sacramento.


HOF’s Chief Executive Officer, Editor in Chief and Label Manager, Robbie Metcalf, joined Chief Operations Officer and Event Manager, Damian Lynch, to speak on business and personal growth, what it means to have Kenny the Dancing Man as the face of the event and the overall success that is #HOFDAY:

How do you feel about the general response to #HOFDAY?

Robbie Metcalf: It’s definitely really really cool to get the level of props and appreciation for what we’re doing, ’cause that’s the bottom line, this is what we’re doing and we’re doing it for the city. The intention behind everything HOF is to provide a platform for dope creatives in our city and get their music or whatever they’re doing way further out there – HOF is a platform for exposure more than anything.

What is your relationship with Kenny the Dancing Man?

RM: Our whole purpose is to promote Kenny. We’ve been rocking with Kenny before anyone else was, period, I’m not afraid to say that at all. People used to look at Kenny like he was a freak, like he was scary, they used to look down on him and we’ve always loved this dude. He’s like the sweetest man ever and he just truly loves to dance, he’s not on drugs and he’s not doing anything – he’s just really really dope. We really put a lot of work into our [promotional campaign] and we didn’t put any money behind it and it still went viral.

HOF's Metcalf and Lynch.
HOF’s Metcalf and Lynch.

The opportunity to represent such a vibrant demographic in a big city is not easy, why is this working for HOF?

RM: This is the first time in HOF history that the whole team is functioning as a real team. The energy between everybody is really good, we’ve been through the thick and thin with each other, we understand how each of us works. We bounce ideas off of each other, nobody takes things personally and everybody understands this is all for the better of the company.

Damian Lynch: My opinion is that we’re sort of the only brand that’s unafraid. We really don’t give a [damn]. You look at our blog and we’re gonna get in trouble for it sometimes – we really want to be true to ourselves and our brand and that’s what HOF is all about.

What does #HOFDAY mean for Sacramento?

DL: When I look around at the landscape in Sacramento, in terms of entertainment and even more in particular of festivals, nobody is doing it. There’s a dominant rock festival called Aftershock that does very well every year, but that’s a different demographic than what we’re doing. There’s nobody catering to the demographic that we’re catering to.

RM: I really don’t feel there’s anything like #HOFDAY in Sacramento where local hip-hop, local electronic, creative artists and musicians are the spotlight and the focus of the event – HOFDay is 90 percent local talent and, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s really a festival event that’s by the city – completely homegrown – for the city, by the city.

DL: This will be the biggest culturally relevant music festival to happen in Sacramento this summer, which is crazy to say when you think about it. Sacramento is the capital of California, California is like fifth in GDP across the world, so by GDP, California is the fifth largest country in the world and Sacramento is the capital of it. And if, we’re the biggest festival in the capital of the fifth largest country in the world – it’s kind of crazy to think about.♦

#HOFDAY is coming to Sacramento’s River Walk Park (651 2nd St., West Sacramento) on Saturday, Sep. 24 from 3pm-10pm. To purchase tickets and to keep up with festival updates visit hofdayparty.com.


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