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7 Best Food Trucks in Sacramento

The food truck industry is trending more than ever and what was once a novelty is now a staple of Sacramento streets and an essential commodity at events. With its growing popularity has come a growing variety of mouth-watering food. On the up side, this gives us more gourmet meal options. But on the down side, which do you choose?

Here to help you decide, here are my recommendations for the best food trucks offering the tastiest cheap and easy meals in Sacramento.

Chandos TacosPhoto by erinpluskev/CC Flickr

Chandos Tacos

There’s no better place than California to get fresh Mex. And to find the best tacos in town, there’s no better food truck than Chandos Tacos. People’s favorites include carne asada, chicken, and abodada. Serving up some of the tastiest authentic Mexican food in our streets, this is a must you should visit at least once (but will likely go back to multiple times).

Krush BurgerPhoto by entitee/CC Flickr

Krush Burger

If you live in Sacramento, you’ve probably seen Krush Burger driving around town. This popular mini-burger food truck has a big menu that boasts choices like the famous Cowbell burger, the delicious Buffalo Chicken sandwich, and sweet potato tots with ancho honey dipping sauce. In one word: Yum.

Bacon Mania TruckPhoto by Estrada/CC Flickr

Bacon MANia Truck

Have you heard the quote “everything is better with bacon”? The Bacon MANia Truck proves it. Even Travel+Leisure recognizes they have something good going on, having included this food truck’s Mac’n Bac’n on the magazine’s top 25 list of America’s Best Mac and Cheese. People love Bacon MANia’s Famous Jack Back Sammie (and every variation of it), Boss Hog Bacon Cheeseburger, Mac Dog, and Loaded Fries. Not convinced? Then try the Piggy Fries…as in fries topped with pulled pork, bacon, barbecue sauce, Louisiana slaw and Chipayo sauch.

happy cow

Happy Cow Ice Cream

The perfect place for ice cream lovers. With lots of delicious and milky flavors, Happy Cow Ice Cream will turn your day into a sweet one. Look forward to generous portions of ice cream served on a cone and covered in all sorts of goodies. A couple of the fan favorites include Buttercup and Jersey Boy (or Girl). No matter your pick, all of them are served with delicious toppings and a sweet smile.

Drewski'sPhoto by j l t/CC Flickr

Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen

Hailed by some as the best of the best for their creative combinations, Drewski’s puts a twist on the grilled cheese sandwich. Here you’ll find special ingredients such as the Hemi’s inclusion of mac’n’cheese, the Mustang’s house-made kimichi, and the Prius’ granny smith apples and brie. Other famous items include the fried Mac’n’Cheese Balls and the bacon-wrapped Drewski’s Dogs. This food truck will leave you speechless.

Slightly SkewedPhoto by Jenn T/Yelp

Slightly Skewed

For gourmet Asian fusion, you have to try Slightly Skewed. With a rotating menu that explores the flavors of countries such as Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand, this food truck serves fantastic grilled Asian-style skewers as well as the city’s best fried rice balls and the delicious, multi-ingredient Smash Potato Fries concoction. They cook with authentic ingredients and use tasty sauces, bringing Central and Southeast Asia to Sacramento’s streets.

Sweet SpotPhoto by Sierra Y./Yelp

The Sweet Spot Baking Co

Offering delicious and gourmet desserts like cupcakes, cookies, brownies, caramel corn, ice cream sandwiches, and multiple kinds of sweet creations, The Sweet Spot Baking Co is the perfect way to end a day or night of food truck meals. The ice cream sandwhiches are big enough for two and hot chocolate float is a must-try.


Remember that food trucks are in constant motion and locations vary each day. Check their websites to track where in town you can find them.

There’s many other excellent food trucks in town that you might be appalled to not see on the list. Got a favorite food truck I failed to mention? Let us know in the comment below!


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