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14 Ways to Maximize Your Car’s Value Before Selling

If you’ve ever sold anything before, you probably know the rewarding feeling that comes with finally letting go of something you’ve held onto for so long. Why is it so rewarding? It might be because you never, ever thought you would get rid of it. Maybe it’s just the relief of not having to think about it again. Certainly the extra money in your pocket helps.

There’s few greater feelings in the world than getting rid of your old, used car. It takes up too much space in your garage. You’ve grown tired of it and have already moved on to a better, newer car. You want to get rid of it so much that you’ll take the first lowball offer that comes your way.

Luckily, there’s some basic maintenance tips for used car sellers to help increase the value of the car and get some more money added to the sale.  According to the Car Care Council, just a few simple repairs to a mid-range vehicle prior to the sale can result in an increase of up to $2,000 in value.

OldJunkCar.com has compiled these recommendations into an infographic below.

Recommendations for car owners are separated into two groups — least difficult and most difficult. Some of the least difficult options include replacing your windshield wipers, cleaning your engine and restoring the headlights. One recommendation often overlooked is to clean the interior of your car, including your floor mats, boards and seats. The options more difficult for car owners involve performing major mechanical jobs, repairing major scratches and dents, and repairing windshield cracks and dings.

OldJunkCar.com also provides scenarios in which it would be more appropriate for a professional to handle the car transaction, like when the value of your car exceeds $40,000 or when you are dealing with complex repair work.

Have a suggestion that’s helped you increase your car’s value before resell, that isn’t included in the infographic? Please share your tips in the comments section below!


Infographic by Sean Markey

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David Melamed

David Melamed

  • A buyer can spot a well taken care of car from miles away that’s is why you need to take care of your car if you know that you would want to sell it one day this will give you a greater chance of selling it faster and getting more money for it as well. thanks for the tips you have shared of course replacing what you can when selling your car is great and having it super clean gives the buyer the illusion that the car is new still! not forgetting about the windshield i feel if the windshield
    has a crack on it i would not buy it so replace or repair as much as you can to sell your car in no time.

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